School Transport - Faqs

School Transport - Frequently Asked Questions

Are all ages allowed to ride the bus?
Students from FS1 onwards can use the bus.
Will I be able to contact the bus driver and/or bus nanny?
Only the school will be able to contact either or. Drivers are not available by phone while driving the scheduled routes, however, the bus nanny can be contacted in case of an emergency.
Will it be possible for my child to have a different pick up in the morning and drop of in the afternoon or vice versa?

Yes, it is possible provided there are seats available on the required route and the pick-up and drop-off remains the same for most part of the Academic Year.

What if the school schedules early release days?
The school will liaise with the bus company to accommodate changes in timings as officially requested by the school.
What about Professional and Parent Conference Days?
Bus transport will not be available during all-school Professional Days, however if the Secondary school has a regular school day and the Primary school is closed for students due to Professional Days or Parent-Teacher Conference, the regular bus transport for Secondary students will be available.
What about bad weather days such as sandstorms?
Parents will be informed by Arab Falcon Transport if buses are delayed. Communication regarding closures due to weather will be communicated by the school.
When is payment due?
The first payment will be due by 1st September for the September to January term. The second payment will be due by 1 February for the February to June term. You will be billed directly by the school bus transport service provider.
Is there a discount for siblings?
There is no siblings discount for the school bus transport services.
Will there be a refund if I need to cancel the school transport services?
Yes, if a child withdraws from the service during the period he/she will be eligible for a refund of the fees for any month, which have not been used, eg. if the child withdraws in mid-October, the refunds will be for the months of November to January only