Inspections and Accreditations




We  have been rated 'Outstanding' again. Read the latest 2018/19 report here.

We  have been rated 'Outstanding'. Read the 2017/18 report here.

DBS has been rated 'Very Good'. Read the 2016/17 report here.


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As part of Taaleem’s strategy of continuous improvement and self-evaluation, Taaleem requires each school to pursue accreditation from an independent accreditation body of institutions and academic specialists.

Accreditation is the process used to ensure that schools meet and maintain international standards of quality and integrity regarding academics, administration and related services.

All Taaleem schools apply to become accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), and some of our schools also attain authorisation and accreditation from the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), all global leaders in this field.

Dubai British School is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), having prepared an exhaustive self-evaluation and hosted a CIS accreditation. Please read the CIS 5-year review here.

Statements from the review:
“An impressive staff commitment to raising the level of challenge and achievement, and to fulfilling the opening words of the Mission ‘Inspired to Learn’”

“ The school has increased its focus on teaching and learning, especially in relation to raising the level of challenge.”

“The school, overall and in individual departments, has embarked on a process of rigorous self-evaluation as a baseline for continuing improvements.”

“…high caliber staff whose qualifications and experience are well matched to their teaching commitments.”

“The Primary School’s new ‘WOW” curriculum… has been designed to meet the core objectives of The National Curriculum while celebrating the international nature of the school and the culture of the host country.”

“Parents are welcomed in the school and are highly appreciative of the open channels of communication with the Senior Leadership Team and staff. This has been apparent to them since the earliest stages of the admissions process. Responses to their queries are timely, friendly and helpful. Parents also appreciate the flow of information about school events and the progress of their children.”

“DBS has the structures and practices in place for improvement. These include a talented and widely respected Leadership Team, a methodology for self-evaluation, an improvement planning process, and means to evaluate success, especially in terms of students’ progress and attainment.”

Dubai Schools' Inspection Bureau (DSIB)
Every school in Dubai is regularly inspected by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) on behalf of the Knowledge and Human Development Agency (KHDA). The DSIB is the Dubai equivalent of UK's OFSTED whereby schools have a rigorous inspection where key performance is noted.

The report includes a summary of overall performance, highlighting key strengths and recommendations, along with more detailed analysis of areas including progress and attainment, personal and social development, teaching and assessment, curriculum, school management and relationships with parents and the community.

DBS has received an overall rating standard of “Good”, but with some significant strengths. We are particularly proud of our “Outstanding” rating in almost 50% of the judgment areas made: from teaching and learning, progress and attainment, through to student attitudes and behaviour, leadership and management.

In 2015/16, DBS has been rated 'Very Good'. Read the latest report here.

Read the DSIB Report 2014/15

“Very well designed curriculum to promote progression in learning and to meet the needs of Outstanding curriculum quality, meeting the education needs of all students.”

“English, Mathematics and Science attainment and progress are either good or outstanding across all phases, with outstanding attainment and progress in the Foundation Stage, Primary Science and Sixth Form English. Additionally, outstanding Secondary Science progress and Sixth Form Mathematics attainment.”

“English, Mathematics and Science attainment, progress and learning skills are either good or outstanding across all phases, with six categories improving from the 2014 report.”

“Outstanding leadership, government, management, staffing and resources.”

“Strong teamwork between the governors and leaders in the school with involvement from parents, to improve aspects of the schools’ work.”

Read the DSIB Report 2013/14

“Outstanding attainment and progress in the Foundation Stage and in Primary Science.”

“Excellent students’ attitudes to learning and overall behaviour throughout the school.”

“Community engagement and after-school activities enriching outstanding curriculum provision.”

“High quality leadership and management of the school has generated an excellent team spirit and a common drive for improvement among all members of the school community.”

 Parent Responses to the Report:

"My husband and I read the school report with great interest. We think it is a fantastic result, and outstanding in all areas that count. Everyone at DBS has done an amazing job to make the school great, efficient, warm and welcoming institute it is for our children. The great spirit always starts from the top, from the leadership, and it is evident at DBS. Well done."

"What a fantastic report. I was reading through it yesterday with my friends who were moving towards another school. They've since changed their minds and are now going to register here at DBS."